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You are correct! Walloon Lake is indeed a beautiful freshwater lake nestled between the Jordan Valley and the Little Traverse regions in northern Michigan, USA. It’s a popular destination for various recreational activities and is known for its scenic beauty.


Here’s a summary of what makes Walloon Lake special:

  • Size and Location: The lake covers an area of approximately 4,270 acres (17.3 square kilometers) and is situated in Charlevoix and Emmet counties, just southwestward from the northern tip of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

  • Formation: Formed by glaciers over 10,000 years ago, the lake is primarily fed by groundwater and has a maximum depth of just over 100 feet (30 meters).

  • Ecology: The lake boasts clear waters, which have become even clearer in recent years due to the introduction of zebra mussels. This clarity allows for visibility up to 30 feet deep for a few months after the ice melts, typically in April. The lake is home to a diverse fish population, including walleye, pike, and bass.

  • Activities: Walloon Lake offers a variety of recreational activities for visitors, including:

    • Boating: Explore the tranquil waters on a rented boat, kayak, or paddleboard.
    • Fishing: Cast a line and try your luck at catching one of the lake’s many fish species. Remember to obtain a valid fishing license beforehand.
    • Swimming: Take a refreshing dip in the cool, clear waters, especially during the warmer summer months.
    • Hiking and Biking: Explore the scenic trails surrounding the lake, offering opportunities for exercise and breathtaking views.
    • Golfing: Tee off at one of the championship golf courses located near the lake.
  • Surroundings: The lake is surrounded by charming towns and villages, offering various restaurants, shops, and lodging options. The area is also known for its rich history and cultural heritage.

Overall, Walloon Lake is a gem of northern Michigan, providing a scenic escape and a plethora of recreational activities for visitors seeking to experience the beauty of the Great Lakes region.

Walloon Lake
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