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There are numerous lakes named “Trout Lake” across the world, making it challenging to compile an exhaustive list of the “largest” ones definitively. However, here are some prominent examples of lakes named “Trout Lake” known for their size or other noteworthy characteristics:

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  1. Big Trout Lake (Ontario, Canada): This lake is situated in the Kenora District of Ontario, Canada. It’s a large lake, with a surface area of approximately 645.6 square kilometers (249.3 sq mi) and a maximum depth of 211 meters (692 ft). The lake is known for its diverse fish population, including walleye, northern pike, and lake trout.

  2. Upper and Lower Trout Lake (Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA): These two interconnected lakes are located within Yellowstone National Park. Upper Trout Lake is the larger of the two, with a surface area of approximately 1.5 square kilometers (0.58 sq mi), while Lower Trout Lake is smaller, covering roughly 0.8 square kilometers (0.31 sq mi). Both lakes are popular fishing destinations, known for their populations of cutthroat trout and rainbow trout.

  3. Trout Lake (Vilas County, Wisconsin, USA): This lake is situated in Vilas County, Wisconsin, and covers an area of approximately 28.3 square kilometers (10.9 sq mi). It’s known for its scenic beauty, recreational activities like boating and fishing, and abundant wildlife, including loons, bald eagles, and otters.

  4. Trout Lake (Washington State, USA): This lake is located in Skamania County, Washington, and has a surface area of approximately 11.6 square kilometers (4.5 sq mi). It’s a popular destination for fishing, kayaking, and enjoying the surrounding natural beauty.


It’s important to note that this is not an exhaustive list, and there are many other lakes named “Trout Lake” worldwide. If you have any specific details about a particular “Trout Lake” you’re interested in, feel free to share them, and I can help you find more information.

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