Three Finger Lake

There are actually two possible locations for Three Finger Lake based on my search results:

  1. Three Finger Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada: This lake is located in the province of Nova Scotia, but unfortunately, specific details about this lake are scarce online. There likely isn’t much publicly available information due to its potentially smaller size or remote location.

  2. Three Finger Lake, Imperial County, California: This Three Finger Lake offers more available information. Here’s what I found:

  • Location: Situated in Imperial County, California [1].
  • Size: This lake is relatively small, with a surface area of approximately 27 acres (0.1 square kilometers) [1].
  • Activities: Information regarding specific activities or permitted uses of the lake is limited online.

Books about Three Finger Lake:

Three Finger Lake Fun Book: A Fun and Educational Lake Coloring Book

Three Finger Lake Safety Book: The Essential Lake Safety Guide For Children




Finding More Information:

Since details about Three Finger Lake in California might be limited on general web searches, here are some resources that could potentially offer more specific information:

  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife: Their website might have information on fishing regulations or stocking practices for the lake, potentially indicating if it’s a recreational lake (
  • Imperial County Parks and Recreation Department: The county website or department might have information on any public access points or recreational facilities near the lake, if applicable (
  • Local Fishing Forums: Online forums frequented by anglers in the region might have discussions or mentions of Three Finger Lake, providing user-generated insights.

Additional Tips:

If you’re particularly interested in Three Finger Lake in California, consider searching for news articles or travel blogs mentioning the area. You might find references that shed light on the lake’s accessibility and uses.


Three Finger Lake
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