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he Norfolk Broads aren’t actually a single lake, but rather a series of broads (shallow freshwater lakes) and rivers located in the East Anglia region of England. It’s a popular destination for boating, fishing, and wildlife watching.

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The Broads cover an area of approximately 303 square kilometers (117 square miles) and consist of over 60 broads and 120 miles (190 kilometers) of navigable waterways.

Here are some of the largest broads in the Norfolk Broads:

  • Hickling Broad: The largest broad, covering an area of 141.1 hectares (349 acres)
  • Barton Broad: The second largest broad, covering an area of 77.7 hectares (192 acres)
  • Breydon Water: The third largest broad, covering an area of 66.4 hectares (164 acres)

The Norfolk Broads are a haven for wildlife, with over 260 species of birds recorded in the area. Some of the most common birds include:

  • Marsh harriers
  • Bitterns
  • Reed buntings
  • Cetti’s warblers
  • Gadwalls
  • Tufted ducks
  • Pochards

The Broads are also home to a variety of other animals, including:

  • Otters
  • Water voles
  • Beasties (a type of small mammal)
  • Marsh frogs
  • Common lizards
  • Numerous fish species, including pike, perch, bream, and roach