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“Walk On Water – A Guide To Flat Water Stand Up Paddling”

“Walk On Water – A Guide To Flat Water Stand Up Paddling” is the result of almost a decade of professionally teaching stand up paddling to thousands of people around the globe.

Are you looking to try stand up paddling for the first time? Have you already paddled a few times and are now looking to purchase your own stand up paddle board? Do you want to safely introduce paddle boarding to your friends and family? Are you a yoga teacher or fitness instructor wanting to teach SUP Yoga or SUP Fitness? Are you a stand up paddle board retailer or SUP rental facility? Are you a long term stand up paddle boarder and want to learn more about your paddle board and SUP gear? Are you a fitness buff wanting to enhance your exercise regime? Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for an easy year round activity? Are you an athlete looking to cross train?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then “Walk On Water – A Guide To Flat Water Stand Up Paddling” is the answer to all your questions.

This book begins by studying the gear that is essential for paddle boarding. If you already own or have otherwise access to a paddleboard and/or other SUP gear, this book will help you understand and appreciate what your gear is best made for.

If you do not already have access to a paddleboard/gear, after reading this book you will be able to choose the board and gear that is best suited for your size, skills and needs.

The book continues by going over essential skills such as proper stance, paddle strokes and muscle activation. Stand up paddle boarding, if performed right, will serve simultaneously as a great core strengthening and joint rehabilitating activity.

We then cover the essential safety principles that you need to follow as a paddle boarder and also the principles that you need to adhere to when taking other people out on the water, whether friends, family or paying clients.

The methodologies that we are giving you come from having taught various forms of paddle boarding to thousands of clients throughout the years. While keeping in mind that every one learns differently, we have chosen what we consider the most essential and the most practical.

Even though we would like to believe that we have successfully captured the essence of flat water stand up paddling in a very comprehensive manner, we understand that stand up paddling is a continuously evolving and developing sport. Board construction, gear availability, sport etiquette, fitness and exercise science, real life situations are for example some of the parameters that constantly change.

Having said that, we would love to hear how this book, “Walk On Water – A Guide To Flat Water Stand Up Paddling”, helped you in your own stand up paddle explorations.

Is there something you would like to see added to “Walk On Water”? Do you have an inspiring stand up paddle story you wish to share with your fellow paddle boarders? It just so might be featured in our next revision.

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Embrace, Explore, Live Learn… Happy & Safe Journey!

Tim Ganley & Vie Binga

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