Lake Cumberland Literature

The name “Hartman Lake” can refer to several lakes, so to provide the most accurate information, I need some additional details like the location or state the lake is in. However, here are some possibilities:


  • Hartman Lake, Arkansas: This 215-acre lake is located in scenic Johnson County, Arkansas. It’s known for fishing and is a popular spot for enjoying the natural beauty of the area.
  • Hartman Lake, Wisconsin: Situated in Waupaca County, Wisconsin, this smaller lake encompasses 18 acres and offers opportunities for fishing and relaxation.
  • Hartman Creek State Park Lakes (Wisconsin): This park features four spring-fed lakes, including Allen Lake, Grebe Lake, Middle Lake, and Hartman Lake. These lakes are known for their clear waters and diverse fish populations, making them popular for fishing and other recreational activities.

If you can provide more information about the specific Hartman Lake you’re interested in, I can offer more details about its size, location, activities, and unique features.