Embsay Reservoir Lake Literature

While “Embsay Reservoir Lake” is sometimes used, it’s actually a bit redundant. Embsay Reservoir is the more commonly used and accurate name for the body of water located above the village of Embsay, near Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, England.

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Here’s a summary of Embsay Reservoir:

  • Location: Yorkshire Dales National Park, England
  • Owned by: Yorkshire Water
  • Purpose: Supplies water to the north and west of Skipton, serving around 25,000 homes.
  • Activities: Walking, hiking, fishing (fly fishing, float fishing, spinning), sailing
  • Features: Dam height of 24 meters (79 feet), area of almost 30 acres, water depth up to 795,000 cubic meters (175 million imperial gallons)
  • Nearby attractions: Skipton, Yorkshire Dales National Park

If you’re interested in learning more about Embsay Reservoir, you can visit the websites of Yorkshire Water or the Skipton Angling Association, which manages the fishing rights for the reservoir.