Some of my fondest memories growing up were spent on the lake.  Maybe you would like your child to have a great time on the lake this summer.  Bringing a child to the lake presents many unique challenges.  Today we will discuss some important things you should consider when bringing children with you to the lake.

The weather is sunny and it is time to go on the lake.  Maybe you have a boat, a lake cabin, or have decided to go to your local lake’s swimming hole.  If you are bringing a child along, the first thing you should consider is their safety.  As long as they are out of the car you will want them to be in a life jacket.  Be sure it appropriately sized and fits them well.  You can also review some basic safety rules with them using the Lake Safety Coloring Book or a Lake Safety Picture Book.  These resources help you lay ground rules and discuss your expectations before ever hitting the water.

Next you need to consider sunscreen.  Keep this on from the early morning until you are gathered around the campfire at night.  I go ahead and skip the weak stuff and only use an SPF 50 while on the lake.  This way if you slip up and forget an application you still have some high test sun blockage that has your back.  Pick up a bottle of SPF 50 and keep it in your lake bag.  Especially with children who burn much easier than adults, this is a necessity.

Snacks are going to be key to keeping everyone happy during your trip.  If you pack a cooler go ahead bring some fresh fruit too.  Berries, apples, oranges, grapes, and pineapple all travel well in a cooler.  They taste great and provide some healthy hydration as well.  A can of peanut butter can come in handy in emergencies and packs a protein punch that can give the smallest souls enough energy for another 100 cannon balls off the side of the pontoon boat.

Kids can easily jump from activity to activity so if the weather turns bad it is good to have something for them to do.  Two items that we use religiously are the Lake Fun Book and Lake Vacation Super Book.  They are both over 100 pages and if you combine this with a $1 pack of crayons you can have a great emergency activity until the sun comes back out.

Once the sun is back out your child will probably enjoy a lake toy.  We suggest a Lake Fun Inflatable and have chosen 10 cool items that you can take to the lake the next time you go.  Our top pick is the 6 pack of radial tire inter tubes that your children can easily share, build an island, or just lounge around on.

Bringing kids to the lake can present many unique challenges, but a Lake Fun we try to think of everything.  If you do nothing else for them while they are on the water PLEASE make them wear a life jacket and take a moment to discuss water safety with them before every trip to the lake.

Do you have any tips for helping children have more fun at the lake?

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