Finally, the weather is warming up and that means getting the boat out, tan lines, and spring break.  There is no better time than now to shop for your new bikini.  We did all the work for you and found the top 10 bikinis for Lake Spring Break Fun in 2016.  If you need some new threads for the water and you are ready to go on spring break.  Why not spend that extra $19.99 and get yourself a stylish new bikini.  You deserve it.  Let the count down begin.

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10.  HelloTem Push Up Neoprene Diving Suit.  Go ahead, jump right in.  Even when the lake water flows on your side the HeloTem Push up bikini is not going anywhere.  So the guys on the boat can focus on their Lake Fun and you can focus on your cannon balls off the top of the pontoon.  Check out the fair price on this sweet bikini.


9.  Women’s Vintage Sexy 2 Piece.  This cool white bikini is just what is hot for this summer.  It will keep you in style on the boat. If you happened to run out of gas on the lake shore and get stranded then the netted top could double as a fish net, just saying.  This is a great bikini for the money.  Pick one up today.



8.  Polovi Women’s Swimsuit.  This gem of a bikini is just what you need when you are looking for a darker colored suit.  The fashionable top has what looks like a dream catcher fashioned to the chest so all your dreams are sure to stay close to your body.  Whether you are catching dreams, wake, or waves this bikini is just right for you while you are on the lake this summer.


7.  Brazilian Polovi Women’s Bikini.  This bikini has some very ornate bead work that is sure to make you the most fashionable gal on the lake.  This Brazillian inspired piece with a shocking pink bottom will give you the best of old world beads with the modernness of a new age electric pink.



6.  Sexy Halter High Neck Bikini.  Ok, don’t kid yourself.  If you lay around on the deck boat drinking Budweiser’s and forget to put sunscreen on this is gonna leave a crazy tan line.  If you are chilling on an overcast day and want to crank up the bikini fashion volume then this bikini has what none of your other friends will.


5.  Blooming Jelly Women’s Bikini.  First off, who names a women’s swimsuit the Blooming Jelly?  Aside from the name a certain portion of Lake Fun’s modest side likes the coconut and palm tree inspired suit you see here.  Its almost like a palm tree encrusted pair of granny panties that you can swim in with an equally impressive top.  Go back to the bikini days of fashion when the hip lines were higher and suits more modest.  For the money, this is a fantastic summer for your time on the lake.



4.  Flymall Retro High Neck.  If you paddleboard, wakeboard, or tube on the lake this summer you need to protect your upper chest.  The Flymall Retro High Nick gives you the upper body protection to your sensitive chest area from UV Rays, Wind, and Water.  Try out this awesome swimsuit and saves some dollars while you do.  This is a Lake Fun favorite.


3.  Flymall Tie Dye Strappy.  This bikini likens back to the days when the boys just cut the legs off their jeans and made jorts to go swimming in the lake in.  If you like that old summer denim look then this is the bikini for you.  For only $8 it would be a good spare to keep on hand just in case.



2.  Happy Sailed Women’s Hand Knitted.  This is a quality piece of art.  All the colors and the options.  I have no idea how someone could make a swimsuit like this for under $20, but it was a close second.  We highly suggest you get one of these bikinis for the lake this summer and order it now.  They are prone to selling out as the hotter days approach.



1.  Dtanmiao Women’s Zip Up.  We like the exotic design and feel of the bottoms, but we love the flexibility of an easy on, easy off zipper on the front of the top.  This is the perfect suit for a day at the lake as you yell Can-Opener! and jump off the top of the house boat there is no need to worry.  With the advanced side strap design everything will be in place when you resurface to the top of the water (except for your hair and a snot bubble or two).  Thanks for reading the Lake Fun Top 10 Bikinis Under $20.