Since no body can listen to just 10 songs on a day in the lake, and we can’t keep from playing music all day on the water.  We decided to give 10 more of our favorite songs to crank up on the canoe, kayak, or pontoon for a little relaxation and Lake Fun.
10.  Slightly Stupid. Bandelero  Reggae?  Mexicana?  It doesn’t matter.  Just like a chill day on the lake its just an alternative island feel when you crank up the fishing boat and your speakers.  Now press play and slay some bass out there on your favorite lake.


9.  John Denver.  Rocky Mountain High.  If you have been on the lake all day and you finally find a moment of piece, it is time to crank of some John Denver.  His melodic tunes and harmonic voice bounce off the lake waves.  Really, my favorite thing to do is click on this Youtube video and just stare him right in the eyes for the entire song.  Awesome glasses John!  Awesome!



8.  Randy Travis.  It’s Just a Matter of Time.  Go ahead and shop the sleeves off your favorite T-shirt with pit stains.  It’s gonna be a warm day out soon and you need to let your guns breath.  Randy Travis is in the Lake Fun house with a slow ballad to cruise the kids back to the dock to.



7.  John Anderson.  Wild and Blue.  Just like the lake was mean to be, Wild and Blue, will not disappoint for a chill song on the water when you feel like moaning along a fiddly old country favorite of mine.  Fisherman take notice, playing this one around 9pm will practically make the catfish jump out of the water and into your John Boat.



6.   Nappy Roots.  Good Day.  Go ahead and stiffen your lip and try to be mean during this one.  There isn’t a soul on earth who can ride across the lake while this jam is playing and not have a big smile.  It is going to be a good day anytime you go on the lake.  Even if you just threw your anchor overboard, your sunglasses sunk, and you dunk your car’s muffler backing the boat in.



5.  Taylor Swift.  All You Had To Do Was Stay.  You know as soon as you leave the boat tie up that the craziest stuff ever is going to happen.  The party float boat will pull up as soon as you cut the choke off and hit just above wake speed leaving your friends.  If you do not want to miss any of the Lake Fun, let me remind you, all you have to do is stay.



4.  Eek A Mouse.  Ganja Smuggling.  This island jam will take you sunset on a squint eyed journey.  The deep meaning and thorough pronunciation of every word and syllable in the song make it one of Lake Fun’s favorites.  Careful though don’t get too entranced or the Coast Guard will be blue lighting you, man.



3.  Waffle House.  Raisins in my Toast.  I like to play this song every time I go to the Waffle House before going to the lake.  Some of the best times you can have is if you play it on the juke box in there for about 6-10 times in a row with a $5 bill on jukebox.  Everyone is cool with till about the time it plays for the 3rd time.  Then the silence in between the 3rd playing and it plays again.  Oh, Lake Fun will be had playing Raisins in my Toast.  To bad toast is hard to make and on the campfire, and besides, grandpa only brought stale wheat bread.



2.  Lucinda Williams.  Car Wheels on a Gravel Road.  Load it up kids!  It’s time to go to the lake.  You know the way it feels when you look in the rear view mirror and there’s a boat following your truck, and it’s yours.  That’s kind of the creepy, chill vibe this melodic jam spins out.  With a grungy voice and awesome instrumentals this song by Lucinda almost tops all for Lake Fun.  Almost.



1.  Flux Pavillion/DJ Fresh.  Gold Dust.  Ok, it’s been a long day on the lake.  It’s time to womp out and let dude wakeboard while rocking out to this little doozy.  Gold Dust will rock your face off on any lake and is perfect for all kinds of intense water sports.  Lake Fun (another) Top 10 signing off.