How about the Top 10 Lake Movies from Lake Fun.  Not every day at the cabin, campsite, or at the lake can be warm and sunny.  If you need an alternate activity at the lake, and you have already colored all the pages of your Lake Fun Book, then here is our list of the Top 10 Lake Movies to keep you and your family having fun at the lake this summer when the weather doesn’t cooperate for your day of Lake Fun.
10.  Lake Placid.  Dang man! There is an alligator in the lake and he is eating the tourists.  Pretty typical summer time happening.  Want to keep the kids out of the water for a little bit?  Or at least make them wonder what lirks below?  Lake Fun starts off its top movies with Lake Placid.



9.  Out of Time.  It’s the same way you feel on the lake when a thunderstorm rolls into your area at 2pm, or your lake vacation is over and it is time to go back to work.  Out of time!  Although this is a murder mystery and not a fun day on the lake, there are plenty of swamps, lake crime scenes, and boats to keep you on the edge of your pontoon boat through the entire movie.



8.  What About Bob.  Bill Murray stars in this film, need I say more?  If you remember the line “I’m sailing!, I’m sailing!” everytime you fire up the ski boat and cruise down the main channel of the lake then you remember why this is a Lake Fun classic.  Chalk full of humor that only Bill Murray can cook up.  This is the perfect movie for a rainy day at your Lake Home rental unit or even on your laptop in the tent or campsite.



7.  A Cry in the Wild.  Do you think a week at the Lake is fun?  So do we at Lake Fun.  How would your perspective change if your airplane went down on an isolated Alaska Lake and all you had to survive was a measly hatchet that your mom gifted you.  I still think it would be a certain kind of fun, and I remember reading the book Hatchet in 7th grade English class.  If you like the lake and you like lake survival scenarios you will enjoy this 12 year old’s lake adventure whether you are a canoe, paddleboard, or kayak enthusiast.



6.  I Know What you did Last Summer.  Do you have a problem with your kids going down to your dock on the lake at night uninvited.  This Scream-like horror movie watched just once will make them have second thoughts about stepping on any dock on the bay after the sun sets.  Play this around the campfire and get ready for some uneasy sleep in the sleeping bags.



5.  Cabin at the Lake.  What to scare the jeepers out of some your daughters or nieces that you brought to your lake vacation home?  This movie deals with a script writer who as part of his work drowns young girls.  Some directors live for their work at the lake.  This director kills for it.  This movie is low on Lake Fun, but extremely high on scary lake scenarios.



4.  Scooby.  Curse of the Lake Monster.  Lake Erie is one of our favorite Lake Fun Lakes and a member of the Great Lakes system.  Scoobs and the gang take the van there for some vacation fun and surprisingly enough stumble into a mystery.  If the previous movies made you wet your pants with fear this movie will have the opposite effect.  Chill down the screaming children with a Scooby movie that will make them smile with lake joy!



3.  Lake House.  A lonely doctor who has a very strange lake home is looking for his next conquest at the lake.  Surprise!  It is a frustrated architect who is intrigued by the plans of this peculiar lake house.  Construction brings together a doctor and a architect at a lake house.  Probably not the first time or the last.  A romantic-fantasy-drama that Lake Fun chose to allow you to switch gears and change those 50 shades of lake water blue into more of 50 shades of lake water grey.



2.  Bob Ross.  Joy of Painting Lakes.  Look guys, I am not going to lie.  I am a closet Bob Ross fan.  Most would think that you would need a full art and water color set to fully enjoy this movie, but I completely disagree.  Part of the fun of watching a Bob Ross movie about painting lake scenery is that you do not actually have to paint the beautiful lake shores.  I always feel about 15 minutes into a Bob Ross painting that he has completely screwed up the canvas, and that there is no way he can salvage the painting.  By the end the happy trees and lake waves are dancing on the canvas and I am yet again amazed.  This Lake Fun movie appeals to the artistic side and will actually teach you how to create your own Lake Fun treasures.



1.  Hard Rain.  Nothing can ruin your camping trip, fishing excursion, or just a full day of wake boarding on your favorite lake more than, you guessed it, Hard Rain!  This is a great movie to watch when water is dripping from your pontoon boot bimini top, lake vacation rental gutter, or the flaps of your tent at the camp site.  You think you have it bad on your rainy day at the lake?  Guess again.  This #1 Lake related movie as chosen by Lake Fun will make your rainy day on the lake better, come hell or high water.