Finally its time for the top 10 Lake Fun Video Countdown.  Grab some popcorn and relax a while.  Get ready to see the most fun on the lake in the form of a video.  If this doesn’t make you think of summer fun on the lake, nothing will.
10.  Prior Lake Fun!  Dock jumping kids have a blast on a hot summer day.

9.  Lake Gaston Fun!  Double tubes behind on a boat on a hot summer day make for hours of awesome Lake Fun!

8.  Lake Powell Fun!  If this video doesn’t make you want to book a trip to Lake Powell right now you are on the wrong website  Amazing!

7.  Dog Days of Summer!  The only one who loves the lake more than you or your kids?  It’s your dog!  This Black Lab shows how to jump all fours into the water on a hot summer day!  Dogs love Lake Fun too!

6.  Just like most summer days on the lake, this video starts out slow.  Wait for it……..  Lake Tahoe Fun at it’s best.

5.  Victory! That feeling when a lake rope swing throw hits the mark.  Lake fun rope swinging with the boys.

4.  Wakeboarding, Wake surfing, and bikinis all recorded on a GoPro for maximum Lake Fun.

3.  Cranberry Lake, NY with some EXTREME lake tubing.  Grab your friends and get ready for some Lake fun on the water with this super duper tubing video.

2.  Lake Tahoe Fun!  need we say more?  One of Lake Fun’s top lakes does it again with another great video.

1.  Sometimes Lake Fun videos can get Ruff, and I know you probably thought this video was taken on Lake Bark-ley.  Actual this is from Lake Butler and it includes all kinds of Lake Fun the famous Paddleboarding Dog.