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Cree Lake is a large lake located in the northern part of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It is the fourth-largest lake in the province, with a surface area of 554 square miles (1,435 square kilometers).

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The lake is known for its excellent fishing, with populations of trophy northern pike, lake trout, walleye, and Arctic grayling. It is also a popular destination for fly-in fishing lodges, as the lake is only accessible by float plane.

Here are some additional details about Cree Lake:

  • Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Area: 554 square miles (1,435 square kilometers)
  • Average depth: 49 feet (15 meters)
  • Maximum depth: 246 feet (75 meters)
  • Accessibility: Accessible by float plane only

The lake is located in the traditional territory of the Dene people, and the English River Dene Nation has reserves located on the shores of the lake. The lake was named after the Cree people, who have also inhabited the area for centuries.

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