7 Games You Can Play On The Lake With a Hula Hoop

Here are some fun games you can play on a calm lake with a hula hoop:

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Solo Games:

  • Hula Hoop Challenge: This is a classic! Time yourself trying to keep the hula hoop spinning around your hips for as long as possible. You can add variations like spinning it in the other direction or switching hands.
  • Target Practice: Tie a small, lightweight object (like a sock filled with beanbags) to a string and hang it from a low-hanging branch over the water. See how many times you can spin the hula hoop and knock down the target.
  • Hula Hoop Race: If you have a long, shallow area of the lake, you can set up a hula hoop race course by laying the hoops flat on the water, spaced a few feet apart. Swim through the hoops as fast as you can!

Group Games (2 or more players):

  • Hula Hoop Toss: Divide into teams and stand on opposite sides of the lake. Take turns tossing the hula hoop and see which team can land it around the most teammates’ waists.
  • Hula Hoop Chain: Hold hands in a circle and try to keep one hula hoop moving around the entire circle without letting go of hands or dropping the hoop. Make it harder by using multiple hoops!
  • Hula Hoop Relay Race: Similar to the solo hula hoop race, but as a relay. Teams line up, and the first person swims through a course marked by hula hoops, then tags the next teammate who goes next. First team to finish wins.
  • Hula Hoop Island Hopping: Scatter the hula hoops around the shallow water area. Players pretend the hoops are islands and have to jump from hoop to hoop without touching the water. You can set a timer or see who can stay “dry” the longest.

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Safety Note: Always prioritize safety when playing games on a lake. Ensure everyone involved can swim comfortably and is wearing a life jacket, especially for games that involve going underwater or jumping in the water. Have fun!

7 Games You Can Play On The Lake With a Hula Hoop
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7 Games You Can Play On The Lake With a Hula Hoop
7 Games You Can Play On The Lake With a Hula Hoop
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