How do electric outboard motors compare to internal combustion outboard motors?

Here’s a breakdown of how electric outboard motors compare to internal combustion (gasoline) outboard motors:

ElectricInternal Combustion
Quiet operation – Major advantage. Much quieter for a peaceful boating experience.Noisy – Engine noise can be disruptive and unpleasant.
Environmentally friendly – No exhaust fumes, better for air and water quality.Emissions – Contributes to air and water pollution.
Low maintenance – Fewer moving parts, less upkeep required.Higher maintenance – Regular oil changes, spark plug replacements, etc.
Easy to use – Simple controls, ideal for beginners.More complex – May require knowledge of engine operation.
Lower power – Generally less powerful, not ideal for high speeds or long distances.Higher power – More powerful for faster speeds and longer range.
Limited range – Reliant on battery capacity, shorter range on a single charge.Longer range – Refueling with gas provides extended range.
Charging time – Batteries can take hours to recharge.Fast refueling – Gas can be refilled quickly at stations.
Cost (upfront) – Generally more expensive upfront due to battery technology.Cost (upfront) – Typically lower initial purchase price.
Cost (operation) – Cheaper to operate due to lower electricity costs compared to gas.Cost (operation) – Higher operating cost due to gas prices.

In short:

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  • Choose electric for a quiet, eco-friendly experience with lower maintenance needs, ideal for smaller boats or calm water activities.
  • Choose internal combustion for a more powerful motor with longer range, suitable for high speeds or covering long distances, but be prepared for noise and higher operating costs.


What exactly is an Electric Outboard Motor?

An electric outboard motor is a self-contained propulsion unit for boats that runs on electricity . They are similar to gasoline-powered outboard motors in that they attach to the transom (the rear of the boat) and power the boat with a propeller. However, electric outboard motors are quieter, more environmentally friendly, and require less maintenance than gasoline-powered motors.


Electric outboard motors typically have a lower horsepower rating than gasoline-powered motors, and they are not ideal for long distances or high speeds. However, they are a great option for smaller boats, such as kayaks, canoes, and pontoons, as well as for trolling for fish.

Here are some of the advantages of electric outboard motors:

  • Quiet operation: Electric outboard motors are much quieter than gasoline-powered motors, making them ideal for use in areas with noise restrictions or for those who simply want to enjoy a peaceful ride on the water.
  • Environmentally friendly: Electric outboard motors do not produce emissions, so they are a more environmentally friendly option than gasoline-powered motors.
  • Low maintenance: Electric outboard motors have fewer moving parts than gasoline-powered motors, so they require less maintenance.
  • Easy to use: Electric outboard motors are typically very easy to use, with simple controls that make them ideal for beginners.

Here are some of the disadvantages of electric outboard motors:

  • Limited range: Electric outboard motors have a limited range on a single charge, depending on the size of the motor and the battery.
  • Charging time: It can take several hours to recharge an electric outboard motor battery.
  • Lower power: Electric outboard motors typically have a lower horsepower rating than gasoline-powered motors.


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What companies make electric outboard motors?


There are a number of companies that make electric outboard motors, including:

  • Evoy
  • Torqeedo
  • Elco
  • Newport Vessels
  • ePropulsion
  • Mercury electic outboard motor

These companies offer a variety of electric outboard motors with different horsepower ratings, so you can choose the one that is right for your needs. Electric outboard motors are a great option for boaters who are looking for a quieter, more environmentally friendly way to enjoy the water.

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