20 Jokes for Boating (Dad Jokes)

20 Jokes for Boating (Dad Jokes)

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  1. Why did the students go on the boat? To get their scholar-ship.
  2. What do you call a boat full of criminals? A jail-boat.
  3. What do you call a party on a boat? Pier pressure.
  4. What do you call a discount on a boat? A two-for-one sail.
  5. Why did the sailor suddenly jump into the sea? To test the water.
  6. What kind of music isn’t allowed on a navy ship? Maroon 5.
  7. A dentist opened an office on a boat. What was the boat’s name? The Tooth Ferry.
  8. I started a successful boat building business in the attic of my house. Sales are going through the roof!
  9. Why couldn’t the sailors play cards? Because the captain was standing on the deck.
  10. What detergent do sailors use the most? Tide.
  11. Where do zombies like to go sailing? The Dead Sea.
  12. Why did the lifeguard get fired? Because he couldn’t keep afloat.
  13. What did the empty boat say when asked why he wasn’t leaving the dock? “I haven’t got a crew.”
  14. What do you call a pirate that skips class? Captain Hooky.
  15. Making a boat out of stone would be a real hardship.
  16. A ship’s captain is a real sails manager.
  17. Can you believe the number of boat jokes that you can make?
  18. What do you call two boaters who fall in love? Row-mance.
  19. Why did the sailing instructor jump into the water? She wanted to test the water.
  20. I used to have a fear of boats, but that ship has sailed!

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20 Jokes for Boating (Dad Jokes)
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20 Jokes for Boating (Dad Jokes)
20 Jokes for Boating (Dad Jokes)
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