List of games you can play on the lake

Here are some fun games you can play on the lake:

  • Classic games: Bring waterproof versions of your favorite card or board games for some laid-back fun on the beach or floating on a raft. Splash-proof versions of classics like UNO and Phase 10 are widely available.

  • Marco Polo: This is a fun and refreshing take on the classic blindfolded game. One person is blindfolded (or closes their eyes) and calls out “Marco!” Everyone else yells back “Polo!” The person who is “it” tries to locate and tag a player by sound. The first person tagged becomes “it” in the next round.

  • Water Balloon Games: Water balloon battles are a must-do on a hot day at the lake. You can play simple tag or come up with more elaborate games, like capture the flag or balloon volleyball.

  • KanJam: This fast-paced and frisbee-based game is a great choice for larger groups. Two teams of two players take turns throwing and deflecting a disc to score points by hitting or entering their opponent’s goal (the “Kan”).

  • Floating Cornhole: Take your favorite beanbag toss game to the water with a floating cornhole set. This is a great game for all ages and skill levels.

  • Shark and Minnows: This is a fun chasing game for larger groups played in shallow water. One or two players are designated as the “sharks” and everyone else are the “minnows.” The sharks try to tag the minnows, who can only move forward (no running backwards!) If a minnow gets tagged, they become a shark as well. The last minnow standing wins!Lake Safety Book


6 Games You Can Play on the Lake
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6 Games You Can Play on the Lake
6 Games You Can Play on the Lake
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