Wakeskate versus Wakesurf

Both wakeskating and wakesurfing are exciting water sports enjoyed behind a boat, but they have some key differences:

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Board Design:

  • Wakeskate: Looks like a skateboard without wheels, featuring a flat deck and minimal fins for better maneuverability and performing tricks.
  • Wakesurf: Resembles a surfboard, with a larger, buoyant design and fins to help grip the water while carving the wake.


  • Wakeskate: No bindings! Riders rely on grip tape and special water shoes for traction.
  • Wakesurf: Uses a single or double foot strap on the board for better control and stability.

Riding Style:

  • Wakeskate: Similar to skateboarding on water. Riders use the entire area behind the boat, performing ollies, flips, and grinds on the wake or obstacles. Think freestyle with faster speeds.
  • Wakesurf: Mimics ocean surfing. Riders carve the face of the wake, focusing on smooth turns and maneuvers like cutbacks and top turns. Offers a more relaxed, flowing feel at slower speeds.

Learning Curve:

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  • Wakeskate: Generally considered more challenging due to the lack of bindings and the need for good balance and coordination.
  • Wakesurf: Can be easier to learn initially because of the bindings and larger board, but mastering advanced maneuvers can be more complex.

Here’s a table to summarize the key differences:

Board DesignSkateboard-like, flat deck, minimal finsSurfboard-like, larger, with fins
BindingsNoneSingle or double foot strap
Riding StyleFreestyle tricks, uses entire wake areaCarving the wake face, smooth turns
Learning CurveMore challengingEasier initially, advanced maneuvers complex

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your preferences:

  • Choose wakeskate if: You enjoy skateboarding and want a fast-paced, trick-oriented experience.
  • Choose wakesurf if: You prefer a surfing-like feel, carving the wake for a more relaxed ride.

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Wakeskate versus Wakesurf
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Wakeskate versus Wakesurf
Wakeskate versus Wakesurf
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