10 Steps To Stand Up on a WakeSurf

10 Steps To Stand Up on a WakeSurf

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  1. Gear Up: Before hitting the water, grab a wakesurf board designed for beginners (larger and buoyant) and a wakesurf rope (shorter than waterski rope). A life jacket is mandatory for safety.

  2. Buddy Up: Find a reliable boat driver who understands the wakesurfing process. They’ll control the boat’s speed and keep the rope taut.

  3. Board Position: In the water, lay flat with the board perpendicular to the boat, nose pointing away from the wake (left for righties, right for lefties). Hold the handle with both hands.

  4. Body Position: Kick your legs back to float, keeping your core engaged and shoulders relaxed. Look back at the boat for orientation.

  5. Pop Up Prep: As the boat begins to slowly accelerate (idle or slow pull), press down on the tail pad with your heels to get the board to rise slightly towards the surface.

  6. The Pop Up: Once the board starts to plane with the water pressure on it, extend your arms and push up with your legs to come to a kneeling position on the board. Keep your weight centered.

  7. Stand Tall: From your knees, slowly extend one leg at a time towards the nose of the board, finding a comfortable stance with knees slightly bent and shoulders stacked over your hips.

  8. Engage the Rope: Lean back slightly and feel the pull of the rope. This tension will help you maintain balance.

  9. Find the Pocket: The boat driver will gradually increase speed, creating a wake. Aim for the sweet spot on the backside of the wake for a smooth ride.

  10. Let Go (Optional): Once comfortable, you can attempt to ride the wake by gradually letting go of the rope and shifting your weight to control your direction and balance.

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10 Steps To Stand Up on a WakeSurf
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10 Steps To Stand Up on a WakeSurf
10 Steps To Stand Up on a WakeSurf
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