3 Tips To Avoid Motion Sickness on The Lake (2024)

On this Lake Fun Blog Post we want to give you some tips to keep from being sick while enjoying your time on the lake.  Having to puke over the side of the pontoon boat is not much fun for anyone.  So get ahead of the game and plan your lake trip with these simple Lake Fun tips.

Take Dramamine, but take it the night before.  If you take your motion sickness medicine right when you cross the bow of the boat you are already a few hours away from calling dinosaurs.  You should start the dramamine well before you plan to embark.  I am not a doctor so consult with your physician, read instructions, and most of all plan ahead so that the medicine has plenty of time to work before your fun day on the lake.  Here is an example

True, true, true, the marina bar serves 3 things chicken tenders, french fries, and pizza.  However, your next tip is that you need to avoid greasy foods even as far as the night before your trip.  The feeling of a value meal sloshing around in your gut with each wave is enough to put anyone’s gastrointestinal system in reverse.  So do yourself a favor and do not be the person launching hot dog chunks over the boat bow.  Think about what you eat before you go on the lake so you do not lose it later.  Some ideas for what you might want to eat?  I think colorful stuff like fruits and vegetables would be nice so at least if you do get sick it looks like a beautiful rainbow.  Your doctor might say that the BRAT diet is good for upset stomachs on the lake and that stands for bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.  So at least maybe pack a few of those items when you are loading your lake cooler down with so many cold beers that it will not zip.

Final tip is bring something to read.  I have always heard that being on the lake motion sickness is the opposite of being in a car.  In a car you a stationary in a seat so reading will make you sick.  On the lake you are being rocked and moving constantly so reading can actually help you find your composure and not loose your lunch during you trip.  If you need a tip for what to read try the Lake Fun Book or Lake Safety Book

10 Top Books To Read on The Lake

3 tips were not good enough to cure your motion sickness on a boat?  Here are 4 bonus tips from that might help as well:

Here are some things you can try to stop motion sickness quickly:

  • Focus on a stable point: If you can, find something stable to look at in the distance, like the horizon. This can help your brain reconcile your sense of motion with your visual input. Avoid looking at things close up or things that are moving erratically.
  • Get fresh air: If possible, crack a window or step outside for a few minutes. Fresh air can help settle your stomach.
  • Ginger: Ginger is a natural remedy for nausea. You can try sucking on ginger candy, drinking ginger tea, or eating a small amount of plain ginger.
  • Pressure points: Some people find relief by applying pressure to the acupressure point P6, located on the inner wrist about three finger widths down from the palm.

Thanks again for reading the Lake Fun Blog and we hope this lets you enjoy a fantastic day on the lake.  Keep tuned to for many fun lake happenings around the world.


3 Tips To Avoid Motion Sickness on The Lake (2024)
Article Name
3 Tips To Avoid Motion Sickness on The Lake (2024)
3 Tips To Avoid Motion Sickness on The Lake (2024)
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