It was not very long after we got our first paddleboard and cruised the lake a few hundred times that we began to yearn for something more.  Sure floating, paddling, and cruising along the water is a great time, but what else can you do on a paddleboard?  That was when we met pro paddle board instructors Tim Ganley and Vie Binga from St. Petersburg, Florida.  They introduced us to a new sport, exercise, challenge that they like to call #SUPyoga.

As if you thought taking a paddleboard on the open water was fun enough, now throw in the fact that you get to balance, twist, and sculpt your body into shape, all while standing on your paddleboard.  The gentle waves rocking the board underneath you allow you to work muscles in your body that you never knew you have.  If you do not feel the burn instantly, you will the next day.  Trust me, I can barely move my finger muscles as I am typing this.  I practiced my paddleboard yoga skills for only 15 minutes yesterday morning.  I am sure there is a more complete workout out there somewhere, but if you have never done SUP yoga before you might start to question that.

We have had so many Lake Fun readers tell us how excited they are for their lake’s water to warm up so they can try all the SUP yoga moves that are included in “The Stand up Paddle & Yoga Sutras.”  We cannot agree more.  Tim Ganley and Vie Binga put together the top paddleboard yoga book in the history of the sport.  This 136 masterpiece is printed in huge 8.5″x11″ format.  There is no need to squint while reading it.  In truth you can even bring it on your paddleboard with you.  That is what I do.  That is the beauty of the book.  It is designed with the paddleboarder in mind.  You can use it while you float around and attempt the SUP Yoga moves.  “The Stand up Paddle & Yoga Sutras.” is written in such detail you will find it hard to believe that two people could know so much about paddleboarding and translate that knowledge into written work and pictures.  Then you read Tim Ganley and Vie Binga‘s bio and you realize they have been doing this for over a decade.  Even when the mainland U.S. sport was in it’s infancy.

The great thing about Tim Ganley and Vie Binga is that they not only have an advanced SUP book like “The Stand up Paddle & Yoga Sutras,” but they also wrote a starters paddleboard guide, “Walk on Water.”  Once they teamed up with Lake Fun for the summer of 2016, we created lake specific versions.  With this option you can have a how to paddleboard book personalized for your favorite body of water.  “Walk on Water” is the most comprehensive paddleboard book available today.  Even professional paddleboarders have e-mailed me to say that they learned something from Tim Ganley and Vie Binga.  I agree.  While I was helping with some final editing of the work, I was amazed at all the skills, lessons, and in depth information the book included.  It is truly a paddleboard encyclopedia.  I came into my work with Tim Ganley and Vie Binga thinking that I knew plenty about Paddleboarding and SUP Yoga.  I left realizing that there is plenty to learn, and all of the information I need to learn is in 2 easy to learn formats, “Walk on Water” and “The Stand up Paddle & Yoga Sutras.”

If you are looking for a new sport to try for 2016 then paddleboarding should be a must.  Whether you are on #DaleHollow, #LakeTahoe, #LakeGeorge, #LakeMichigan, #LakeTexoma, #LakeMartin, #LakeLanier, #LakeTiticaca, or #LakeXingkai (or anywhere in between), Tim Ganley and Vie Binga have you covered.  They created awesome guides on paddleboarding, just for you.  They can help you get your 2016 lake season off to a smooth start by teaching you everything from the basics of paddleboarding to the more extreme paddleboard yoga poses that they show off in “The Stand up Paddle & Yoga Sutras.”  Let’s face it.  Your New Year’s resolution was to try something new, and here is your chance.  Are you going to do it, or let it slip?

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