When Lake Fun and Wakescout first began talking about the similarities in what they delivered their clients, the compatibility was obvious.  Lake fun connects people on lakes throughout the world.  WakeScout has over 2000 listings in 90 countries throughout the world, to help people connect who love to wakeboard, water ski, wake surf, or wakeskate.  The conversation began, and soon a mutually beneficial exchange had been brokered to deliver more connections to people on lakes and wakes around the world through the use of Lake Fun and WakeScout.

Lake Fun’s Learn to Wakeboard was written by top wakeboarding author and Lake Fun signature athlete Charles Whyte.  Charles set out to deliver a full manual on not only how to wakeboard, but also how to complete some of the best wakeboarding tricks.  Through the use of pictures and in depth details Charles Whyte completed the top wakeboarding book collection on the market today, Learn to Wakeboard.

WakeScout has a similar mission that connects wake parks, wake schools, wake clubs, wake resorts, charters, and wake boat rentals.  One of the features we like most about WakeScout is their “Find a Pull” feature on their website.  At Lake Fun we have found it silly that 2 people will get on a boat that seats 14, when 12 other people are left on shore who would like to be on the water.  The innovative technology that WakeScout has created sets them apart from any other Wakeboarding site on the internet.  With 2,000 listings in over 90 countries they are the worldwide wakeboarding leader.

Lake Fun and WakeScout will team up in summer 2016 to make the lakes and wakes of the world more fun.  To make sure that people can learn water sports easily and correctly.  Our missions are united in that our worldwide aproach to Lake Fun and Wake Sports allow us to break out of the local water mode.  Through this we can unite more people looking for global water sport friendships.  If you are looking for fun this summer on your lake, or maybe a new lake, you cannot go wrong taking a look at WakeScout or Lake Fun to plan your fun day on the water.