It is that time of year again.  March Madness!  Many of our Lake Fun readers have sent in questions to ask if we watch basketball or fill out a bracket.  Occasionally we play the audio from a basketball game in the background while we are polishing our boat, performing maintenance on our marine battery, or tuning up our outboard.  We typically only watch the last 3 minutes or so of each game.  This way by the time the tourney is over, we are fully prepared to spend all our days on the lake.

It is sad to say that there will not be a Lake Fun sponsored bracket.  That is because the only bracket we believe in here at Lake Fun is one that can hold a paddleboard or wakeboard on the side of a boat.  We realize that all the college students playing in the 68 team tourney are awesome at their respective sport of basketball.  Our favorite athletes are the Lake Fun Signature Athletes (Tim Ganley, Vie Binga, Charles Whyte, and Kayak Lanternhead).  They have been dunking into local lakes on hot summer days for years and we dribble with joy when we think about the skills they possess.

So do not call foul just yet, we actually did make some picks for you in the tourney.  We chose the teams with mascots that would perform the best on the lake.  I prefer to not fill out a bracket so it is unknown if these teams could even win the championship, but in our eyes, they are the best.

Our choices for the Lake Fun Final 4 based on mascots that would perform the best on your local lake would be.

Oregon Ducks

Oregon State Beavers

Hampton Pirates

Seaton Hall Pirates

There you have it.  Our Lake Fun Final 4 picks that might not even be possible.  Just like the worthless sports prognosticators I can make generic statements about how the team that scores the most points will win.  Also the team winning at the end of the second half will win as well.  My final bold prediction is that the team that does not lose in the 68 team tournament will ultimately win the NCAA National Championship.  I hate to upset everyone, but sometimes you just have to go out on limb.

Most people choose their brackets on statistics, team love, or blind optimism.  Their entire month of March is ruined on the first day of the tourney.  Then they are left cheering for teams they hate the remainder of the month.  At Lake Fun we say skip the bracket.  Get outside and get you boat ready for a full summer on the lake.  If you sit on the couch the entire month of March watching basketball that lake body you promised yourself at New Years is never going to happen.  Just like your chances of ever picking a decent bracket.

Can you think of some other team mascots that would do well in the Lake Fun March Madness Bracket Buster Tourney on the lake?  Send us your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Apple News, or Google +.

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