This winter while you were out snow tubing down your neighbor’s hill, and sipping hot cocoa around the fire, we were pecking away at the keyboard getting ready for right now.  One thing we know for sure is that Daylight Savings Time and warmer weather always comes around faster than anyone is ready for.  That is why over the long dark winter we undertook some major site upgrades, gave you tons of new content, and created some products that will help you enjoy the lake this summer a whole lot more.

Our most exciting news came with the addition of 3 new team members.  We began collaborating with the top paddle boarding instructors in the world Tim Ganley and Vie Binga.  In the coldest part of the winter, they gave Lake Fun 3 new products on Progressive Relaxation Yoga, Sup Yoga, and a Comprehensive Guide to Paddleboarding called Walk on Water.  All we know is that in St. Petersburg, Florida, where these guys live, they do not take a single day off.  Every time we spoke during the winter they were teaching someone how to paddleboard or showing an entire class how to do a chaturanga on a paddleboard, in the middle of lake.

At this point we could have patted ourselves on the back, and put on our mittens to go build a snowman.  It is hard as hell to type new content wearing mittens.  Lake Fun was still getting ready for you and the summer of 2016.  That is why we went to California to search out top pro wakeboarder Charles Whyte.  Charles penned the best selling Wakeboarding series, How To Wakeboard, and has taught millions how to do awesome tricks like back flips and tail grabs.  The cool thing we liked about his book was that it does not just cater to the professional trying to sharpen their tricks.  It is also the most comprehensive wakeboarding guide available today for beginners.  If you like pictures and being gently told step by step, how to wakeboard, then this is the book for you.  Charles is not all boots and bindings either, he is an MBA from San Jose State with plenty to offer the Lake Fun community.  We are super excited to have him on the Lake Fun team in 2016.

Now would be the time to grab a carrot from the fridge and jam it in our snowman’s face and call it day.  However, we had some more work to do.  Our top selling Lake Safety Guide from 2015 needed a makeover.  We did not want lake safety to be something that only rich children should teach their children and we also wanted the book to be more interactive.  What we did is reinvigorated the title by making it into a coloring book.  This allowed us to cut the price to under $5 from $10 and double the amount of fun.  Introducing the Water Safety Coloring Book, this awesome book should be the first thing you buy for any trip to the lake.  If you can’t afford one, send me an email, and I might even send you one for free.  We believe in a child’s safety while on the lake and we are willing to go extreme steps to prove that.  My favorite think to do is to take a carton load of Lake Safety Guides to a school to hand out to less fortunate children.

Finally, it is time to snuggle up the bed and watch the snowfall from your picture window.  Nope, not yet, we still had more creativity to release.  In an effort to make our product offering more vast and exciting for the summer of 2016, we did what everyone told us could not be done.  In a cold, dark basement lab, one night in February, we created the greatest infusion of two books on record.  We took our world famous Lake Fun Book and combined it with our new Water Safety Coloring Book.  This super combo creation gave us 130 pages of fun, safety, and entertainment unseen in the world of lake products until now.  We call it the Lake Vacation Super Book.  Unsurprisingly for under $6 we have had so much trouble keeping them in stock that we have had to switch publishers just to be able to print enough to stock every marina for Memorial day.

Overall we tried to have a very productive winter and Lake Fun, but we are not done.  We are also working on apparel, podcasts, and videos to help you make your summer more fun.  If you have anything that we can do to help you make the summer more fun, just let us know of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google +.  We would love to hear from you.

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