You know the weather is getting warmer.  It is finally time for some Lake Fun on your local lake.  We want you to be able to have as much fun as possible on the water so we created these these Lake Fun Hacks for more Lake Fun.  Just some simple solutions that can help you have much more fun on your next trip to the lake.

Make your own ice.  Do you get tired of spending $3-$5 on bags of ice every time you hit the water and need to fill up the cooler.  Now is the time to get into the ice routine so you always have some available.  I empty out my freezer’s ice maker every time I go on the lake.  This gives me fresh ice in the freezer all summer long and makes a great use of the ice I already make, without having to pay for more.  If you need more ice than your freezer can manufacture take your tupperware, old water jugs, and containers and make large ice blocks for the cooler.  As soon as you dump the ice blocks into the cooler go ahead and refill them.  This way, by the time you get off the lake, you already have another cooler load of ice at your disposal.  There is no excuse for having warm drinks on the lake because you do not have ice.  The recipe for ice is super simple, let us know if you forget.

Always have a dry shirt during a rain storm.  You are on the lake and it starts pouring rain.  The best solution for this scenario is for you to take your t-shirt off immediately and place it in dry storage.  What do you put on your upper body?  Your life jacket, of course.  Life jackets contain flotation materials that can also act as a waterproof insulation during a rain storm.  The vest like structure of a life jacket is form fitting and will make sure that your core stays warm and cozy until the rain is gone.  Then once the clouds subside you can pull your dry shirt out of your dry storage bag and put it back on.  Easy as that, you have weathered another late afternoon lake thunderstorm and you have dry t-shirt to prove it.

Emergency snack bag.  As soon as you finish reading this article I want you to go into your kitchen, pantry, and cabinets.  Take a plastic grocery bag and put some easy snack items into it.  Granola bars, bags of peanuts, trails mix, and any other simple snack items you can find.  Tie a knot in the top of the grocery bag then place it in another grocery bag and do the same.  Now go onto your boat and place this bag of food in a hidden location for snack emergencies while on the water.  How many times have you had to cut your day on the lake short only because you were starving?  With this simple bag of goodies hidden on your vessel you can have a snack at anytime this summer and keep your lake day going long into the afternoon.

Bluetooth speaker.  If you use a smart phone then you should have a Bluetooth speaker.  One of the roughest tests for a boat battery is running the radio all day long.  Boat batteries take a lot of abuse and the last thing you want at the end of the day on the lake is for your boat not to start.  By using a bluetooth connected speaker you can take the burden of music off of your boat’s battery for at least 6-8 hours and make your music addiction a little safer for everyone else.  The beauty of these speakers is that you can take them anywhere on the boat.  This way you do not have to play the music so loud that it scares the wildlife.  We suggest keeping a good bluetooth speaker for your next lake trip to help keep your boat’s battery ready to start your boat.

These are some simple lake tips to help you get more enjoyment out of your next trip on the lake and be able to have more fun.  If you have other Lake Hacks then just let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google +.  We would love to hear from you.

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