(Actual Pic From the Lake Fun Adult Coloring Book)

Fishing Tips for Beginners

Is it that time of the year when you’re packing away to go on a fishing trip with your family? Your family is super excited and you can see your father smiling ear to ear! Everyone’s all cheery and happy apart from you. Why? Because you have absolutely no idea about fishing and have absolutely zero idea on what is it that you should do and not do out in the water?! But don’t you worry! With these tips, you’ll be catching the biggest catch and be the envy of everyone out in the water!

  • Do your research: before you head out in the water looking all macho, do your research! You need to know exactly where you’re headed off to, what kind of fish will be biting and what exactly is it that you’re getting yourself into! Go online and search for all of these things! Or you can even head out to your local fishing store and chat with the pros over there who would help you out. There are a number of fantastic fishing booking out there to help you get in the mood!

Great Fishing Books for Research

  • Understand the basics: when you’re done getting to know everything that is to know about fishing, it’s time that you try your hand at doing and knowing the basic procedures. Try getting your hand on a fishing rod and add bait to hooks, or try getting to tie knots or even try casting a line. Trust me, it would do a lot good for you when you know your basics!

Beginner Fishing Guides

  • The correct equipment: don’t think that fishing equipment is the same for all levels and that you’ll be using the same rod that a pro would be using! Beginners should start off by purchasing a specific rod and reels that would be perfect for an individual who is just learning to fish.

Suggested Fishing Gear

Tackle Box

(Actual Pic From the Lake Fun Adult Coloring Book)

  • Know that the bait is the main course for the fish: Not all fish eat the same thing and knowing what fish will be biting at what location is crucial for this step. There are various baits for a number of fishes and choosing the right bait would get the fish coming at you instantly. Head to the fish store and take your time in choosing the right bait to attract your fish. Here’s an example, Catfish are attracted to raw chicken liver and even special bait for cat fish whereas bream fish like to devour on insects such as crickets.  The wrong bait could mean you being stuck in the lake for a LONG time!

Guides to the best bait for your lake

  • Dress accordingly: you must dress according to the sport. Don’t wear joggers but opt for boots. This is because you’ll be near water and joggers would just end up getting soggy and soaked. You want boots that would help you when you want to wade in the water. Don’t opt for just jeans or a t-shirt but wear layers to protect you from the weather. Tie your hair up if you have long hair. Remember, being smart is the key here!

Suggested fishing clothes

Fishing Rod

(Actual Pic From the Lake Fun Adult Coloring Book)