Let’s just say you’ve thought about it.  You are grown and you’re ready to take the next step.  Here we are going to help you decide which Lake Fun inflatable is right for you.  Let Lake Fun guide you by the hand through the best Lake Fun inflatables on the market today as we count down the Top 10 Lake Fun Inflatables.
10.  Island Hopper.  Guys, let me just be honest.  If you have an Island Hopper at the lake this summer, it is going to be a pretty good year.  The Island Hopper is just what it sounds like.  A humongous trampoline island that you can float into the middle of the lake and get your jump on.



9.  The Iceberg.  The Iceberg by Rave Sports in a mountain of imaginary ice that you float into the middle of the lake, climb, and then jump off.  It will also put a chill on your wallet, but we have to place the Iceberg in the “totally worth it” category when it comes to Lake Fun, the iceberg has it all.



8.  Pizza Slice Raft.  Ermahgerd!  It’s a pizza slice made like a raft.  That is exactly what we said too when we first took a huge pizza slice raft with us on the lake.  Call the marina early today boys and tell them we want a large pepperoni, thick crust.  We’ve been staring at this plastic pizza all day and we are certainly going to need one.  Lake fun is a slice of inflatable pizza on a hot summer day.



7.  Big Mouth Gummy Bear.  Again, you are going to float on this thing, it is cool, but it will make you hungry for some gummy worms.  If you bite a hole in it the handy patch kit that comes with it well be very helpful to you.  For concerning swimmers, choose the Big Mouth Gummy Bear this summer on the lake.



6.   AhhQua Bar.  You can just pull up to the local lake access, take the cooler out of the trunk, and head down to the water with the AhhQua Bar.  Grab a seat with the best bartenders in town and float around for a fun affordable day on the lake.




5.  Bestway Coolerz Tropical Breeze 6-Person Island.  Stop at the quick stop and grab something to drink.  Your buddy just filled up the Bestway 6-Person Island, and the weather is perfect.  I like this inflatable because it has the most options.  Sunshade, handles, and holders all make this a Lake Fun favorite for a day on the lake.





4.  Colosseum Island 8-Person Party Island.  Let’s be honest with ourselves.  If you bring this raft out and there are 9 people at the lake party, you will get sunburnt.  That odd man out is going to just be waiting for you to swim back to the boat so he can steal your king style recliner in this Lake Fun classic.  So the more you sit there to block him, the redder you get.  Have fun at the Colosseum lobsta!





3.  Sportsstuff Fiesta Island.  This is the most wholesome, family style raft that we have on the countdown.  A contained middle is nice for keeping everything in the Fiesta, and on point.  So party down on the lake like it is Cinco de Mayo and have a great time with this reasonably priced lake party island.



2.  Donut Pool Float.  I am probably not the first person to say this, but that inflatable doughnut looks just like one off of a Simpson’s episode.  Bringing back nostalgia for a day on the lake is a great way to have a conversation piece to stir up a conversation with that cute guy or girl during your day on the lake.  You Dough-nut want to let this deal pass you buy.  If you had $20 and needed something to float on, this doughnut would be your best choice.





  1.  Tire Float 6 pack.  That’s right, while everyone else copped out and bought a $750 raft that seats 6 people, you waited.  You saved the best for last, so you got rewarded.  The radial tire float is a classic around the world.  I found one in the grocery store in Aruba one time, and then again in Italy.  This is the best float on the market today and at a price of around $20 for 6 of these bad boys, my only question is can you afford not to have them with you for a day on the lake?  Fill them with air, tie them together and you have tire island, perfect for a full day of Lake Fun.